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1913 – Lena & Helling Makers

8 September 2022

2412 26th Avenue

Props to Ken Z. for spotting this excellent mark, one of a pair at this address.

American Brotherhood of Cement Workers

3 November 2017

I know I’ve talked about the A.B.C.W. before — read that post for the living connection to today — but this week’s post is just to record a splendid example of the sidewalk stamp, in Berkeley at the corner of Shasta and Tamalpais Roads.

The sidewalks paved by the Oakland Paving Company’s union workers, everywhere I’ve seen them, are second to none. A hundred years old and they’re strong as ever. And the design shows such pride. A hundred years from now the concrete being poured today might match this old stuff in strength, but the new sidewalks will never match the old ones in character.

Corners: Acacia Avenue at Golden Gate Avenue

2 November 2015


Acacia Avenue at Golden Gate Avenue

In 1913, when the Oakland Paving Company laid down this sidewalk, Golden Gate had its original name of Hays Avenue.

1913 – Hutchinson Co.

24 May 2015


Plymouth Street at 83d Avenue

Corners: Hays and McAdam

18 May 2015


Here’s another dated and signed corner. Oakland Paving Company made it in 1913. However, Hays Avenue was renamed Golden Gate Avenue and McAdam Street became first Broadway Terrace, then Romany Road. You have to be careful what you put in concrete. In fact you’ll see that the pavers used a “V” to spell “Hays.”

1913 – Reardon-Dowling Co.

25 April 2015


8100 Birch Street

This date is awfully obscure, but it’s definitely not 1912.

1913 – Hutchinson Co.

29 November 2014


Trask Street at Kingsland Avenue

Several of the blocks around here were done by Hutchinson in May 1913.