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1919 – G. Skidmore

4 December 2022

1362 E. 28th Street

Every now and then I get a better look at a mark I passed by, and I decide it’s decipherable after all. A resident pointed this one out to me recently, and I decided after feeling it with my fingers that yes, this is from 1919.

Grant Skidmore left a few marks in Oakland, all from the 1910s decade.

1919 – Fred H. Austin

29 October 2013


3601 Brookdale Avenue

I’ve found another 1919 mark from Fred Austin, but the date on that one is underneath.

1919 – C. Hubmann & Co.

8 August 2013


2255 MacArthur Boulevard

When I shot this, I thought I was documenting a 1918 mark, but then I got home and saw the real date at the bottom.

1919 – Fred H. Austin

13 February 2012


278 Hanover Avenue

This lovely street runs up the crest of southern Haddon Hill and offers nice lake views.

1919 – J. Fugel

7 January 2012


1434 38th Avenue

When the sun is low at this time of year, some subtle marks emerge. I think that this is a mark by J. Fugel, although P. Fugel and J.P. Fugel can’t be ruled out.

1919 – J. Catucci

1 December 2011


3232 Elmwood Avenue

This instance of the 1919 Catucci mark will surely survive longer than the previous one I showed.

1919 – J. Catucci

24 October 2011


2725 E. 16th Street

Another year for the short-lived J. Catucci firm.