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1962 – A. G. Moniz

17 August 2015


9317 Olive Street

If there were an Oakland Sidewalks Hall of Fame, Arthur Moniz would be in it.

1962 – a group of Masons

9 July 2015


2963 Barrett Street

This has about a dozen guys’ first names on it along with the Masons seal in the right corner and the date in the left.

1962 – Frank M. Brown

2 February 2015


7046 Outlook Avenue

If there was any doubt about the date of yesterday’s mark, this one erases it, giving Brown an impressive range from 1930 to 1962.

1962 – R. G. Wolfe

19 December 2013


3545 Rhoda Avenue

1962 – C. Valenzuela

18 December 2013


4310 Coolidge Avenue

The sixties were kind of a lost decade for C. Valenzuela, so I’m always glad to see a mark from those years.

1962 – Gem Const. Inc.

21 September 2013


8100 block South Coliseum Way

This is also known as Joe Morgan Way.

1962 – Gallagher & Burk

16 October 2010


Hollis Avenue beneath I-580

It is so rare to find a dated mark, or any mark at all, in the concrete around freeways that I’m often tempted to skip them entirely. And yet here’s one with a coveted 1960s date.