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Jackson’s Device and other delights

4 March 2016

Poking around Oakland’s old downtown has yielded some more overlooked old things. Take P. H. Jackson’s Device for Plentiful Ventilation, on Harrison south of 14th Street.


Somehow I don’t think it’s functioning any more. This is the same Jackson I featured two weeks ago. I found another configuration of ventilator from the Jackson company, this one with a patent date of 1893.


And as I suspected when I finished the big citywide survey, marks would continue to appear that I’d missed the first time through.

1923 – N. J. Lindstrom


722 Washington Street

At this time N. J. Lindstrom was using both this straight mark and a racetrack mark. That tiny little “S” also appears in his mark from 1922.

1995 – J.R.’s Landscaping


202 Webster Street

It’s no surprise I missed this one before. Presumably I decided it was indecipherable, but that isn’t true.

Corners: Alice and Fourth Streets


This makes the 12th corner I’ve documented with names stamped in the concrete. Notice that while the street signs on 4th Street spell it “4th,” this says “Fourth.”

1995 – Mike Walton

20 August 2015


International Boulevard at 98th Avenue

Right at the bus stop.

1995 – Benito

11 July 2014


4721 Davenport Avenue

This whole street was paved in one go by Hal Bennett, probably in the late 1940s, but Benito—he did this driveway.

1995 – Apodaca Bros.

22 January 2013


1015 16th Street

I stared at this one pretty good, and I’m saying it’s 1995.

1995 – Rick’s Produce

22 March 2011


401 4th Street

1995 – Apodaca & Huelga

27 December 2010

1154 Winsor Avenue