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1921 – F. A. Mero

3 March 2019

1257 65th Street

Whereas my other example of F. A. Mero’s mark is straight text, this pair, in the same neighborhood, displays two different versions of arched text. I’m guessing that Mero struck one character at a time.

1921 – Riechel & Bredhoff

2 May 2018

18 Mesa Avenue, Piedmont

This version of Riechel & Bredhoff’s stamp has the date on the right rather than in the center.

Some stamps from Berkeley 2

17 November 2017

Having spent a lot of time walking in Berkeley lately, I’ve collected a few more stamps bearing dates unrepresented in Oakland.

1906 – Esterly Con. Co.

1529 Le Roy Avenue

A fine double mark, though the date is dim. Oakland has a double mark from 1907.

1908 – Esterly Con. Co.

1529 Le Roy Avenue

Both of these Esterly marks are on the Hayward Fault, so it’s not clear how much longer they’ll last.

1921 – J. E. Reed

1631 Spruce Street

Oakland has a single example of Reed’s mark, barely over the Berkeley line.

1958 – G. W. Griset

2285 Virginia Street

Griset’s marks are fairly common in Oakland, but they span only a few years from 1950 to 1957.

1921 – M. P. Amaral

1 August 2015


9000 block Plymouth Street

There’s a chance that this is 1926, like previous examples I’ve found.

1921 – A. H. Kopperud

28 August 2013


3428 Davis Street

Kopperud did this whole block.

1921 – L. M. Rasmussen

11 May 2013


1832 105th Avenue

Unlike my previous 1921 Rasmussen mark, this one is not broken.

1921 – Riechel & Bredhoff

3 May 2013


1120 Chestnut Street

This mark pushes Riechel & Bredhoff back another year.

I found this on my last visit surveying West Oakland. It has been very interesting seeing all the different streets in this part of town.