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Corners: 65th Street and Herzog Street

25 September 2015


65th Street and Herzog Street

W. D. Perine

28 May 2012

w. d. perine

E. 20th Street at 12th Avenue

This confirms that yesterday’s mark is in fact by W. D. Perine. I don’t dare guess the date, which is in the middle of this mark, but marks of this type generally predate 1920.

J. A. Marshall

28 July 2010


Perkins Street at Warwick Avenue

Lincoln Cushing’s site shows clear examples of this mark going back to 1899. Actually my photo is lousy, but the mark itself is no better so it’s a wash.

UPDATE:Apparently this mark has been erased since I recorded it in 2010.

1931 – Aaron Dahlquist

23 May 2010


348 Euclid Avenue

1928 – Lovisone & Co.

22 May 2010


336 Euclid Avenue

This is different from the later Lovisone marks I have, which say just “Lovisone.”

1915 – Aaron Dahlquist

21 May 2010


394 Euclid Avenue

I had no idea that Aaron Dahlquist went back to the teens, but here he is in the Adams Point neighborhood.

1907 – Peterson & Adler

1 April 2010


375 Orange Street

This is right across the driveway from yesterday’s 1901 mark, but it’s definitely from 1907. My other example has a similar ad-hoc appearance in the “7.”