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1975 – Geo. Jardin

27 March 2018

317 Ramona Avenue, Piedmont

Stamps with dates from the 1970s are pretty rare, but George Jardin stuck it out through the whole decade and up to 1988.

1975 – Hess

4 November 2010


6336 Contra Costa Road

I will assume for the moment that this is an amateur mark, but I’ve done that and been wrong.

1975 – Apodaca Bros.

17 October 2010


3431 Louise Street

Apodaca Bros used this same straight mark in 1967, but switched to their current oval by the 1980s.

1975 – “Juan”

16 July 2009


415 37th Street

Another new date, although this is merely a patch job on a driveway rather than a nice new pavement. But I’ll take it, given the great rarity of 1970s marks.