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1947 – A. Dinelli & Sons

17 March 2018

24 Blair Avenue, Piedmont

After all these years I’m still finding new names underfoot. Adolph Dinelli lived in Berkeley, and three men with his surname, Charles (cement finisher), Frank (laborer), and Tony, were listed in the 1941 directory.

Dinelli was born in Italy in the early 1870s, emigrated to America in 1894 and died in February 1947, so this mark was made after his death. Oddly, a son named Charles died in 1923 at the age of 17. Perhaps the Charles listed in the 1941 directory was a nephew.

1947 – Gallagher & Burk

25 October 2015


1452 104th Avenue

A much better strike than the previous one I documented.

1947 – J. Widell

20 September 2015


9221 D Street

By this late in his career, J. Widell’s hand-drawn script was looking old-fashioned.

1947 – Jepsen Bros.

10 September 2015


9703 Sunnyside Street

I love this mark, which comes 10 years after the latest actual stamp the Jepsen Brothers used and 7 years after leaving a hand-drawn mark elsewhere. I have to think that the brothers were retired by this point, having started the business in 1911. Maybe they lived nearby.

1947 – Doyle L. Hallum

9 September 2015


1321 93rd Avenue

I’ve found this year elsewhere, but the date was so dim you had to trust me.

1947 – S. Giuntoli

5 July 2015


948 86th Avenue

1947 – J. Widell

17 June 2015



2804 Oliver Street

The first mark establishes the date. The second is on the other edge of the job and includes the name Moniz, presumably Arthur Moniz.