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1938 – Ed Doty (master 17)

20 January 2018

965 Rose Street, Piedmont

This mark establishes the change from Concrete Master 16 to 17 as having taken place early in 1938.

1938 – Frank Lopes

9 November 2015


9811 Olive Street

I’ve recorded this date before, but here’s a strike that removes all doubt.

1938 – C. Troja-Sisto

13 September 2015


7815 Sanford Street

1938 – (F. E.) Flaherty

6 September 2015


9616 Cherry Street

F. E. Flaherty sometimes used a large stamp with just his last name. This loooks like the same one I’ve recorded from 1937.

1938 – C. Valenzuela

3 August 2015


1823 92nd Avenue

This is not only a better strike, but an earlier strike from this founding year of Carlos Valenzuela’s career. Another thing about this driveway site is that he put his mark on the corners of the driveway as well as at the mouth.

1938 – P. Barale

6 May 2015


2338 83rd Avenue

A better strike than my previous example.

1938 – A. Casqueiro

22 January 2015


7018 Lacey Avenue

Casqueiro worked from the late 1920s to the early 1950s, so you might call this his midpoint year. But I have almost nothing from the 1940s, so you might call this his midlife crisis.