1920 – N. J. Lindstrom

25 September 2022

1418 Harmon Street and 3234 Baker Street, Berkeley

Nels J. Lindstrom used a variety of stamps in his long career: an oval mark in the early 1910s and a racetrack mark from 1922 to the 1940s. In between, he used straight text with various configurations. These two 1920 marks differ in the placement of the date, but the letters, including the tiny “S”, are the same.

1920 – Schnoor Bros.

20 September 2022

1314 Harmon Street, Berkeley

The early years of Schnoor Bros. are quite rare in Oakland, or at least they’re not marked.

Old stamps preserved: Gray Bros.

13 September 2022

1720 San Pablo Avenue

Our old sidewalk stamps are usually broken up without ceremony when the sidewalks are renovated. On rare occasions they’re preserved, like the pair of stamps by The Gray Bros. A.S.P. Company at the building Piedmont Pianos has occupied forever. They date from the early 20th century.

I’ve seen quite a few preserved marks in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood, but almost none anywhere else.


10 September 2022

Clay Street near 16th Street

The Pacific States Telephone and Telegraph Company existed between 1900 and 1907; before that it was The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company and after that it was the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company (“The” was taken out of the name). Background in this post.

This access cover, with its rare scallop design (others are here and here), seems to always have a vehicle parked on it. Today I finally got a decent look at it.

1913 – Lena & Helling Makers

8 September 2022

2412 26th Avenue

Props to Ken Z. for spotting this excellent mark, one of a pair at this address.


29 July 2022

Oscar’s Alley

We may never learn who this is, but whoever it is is certainly a professional.

1933 – W. Todd

27 July 2022

2815 Avalon Avenue, Berkeley

This is W. Todd’s usual mark with the date underneath, unlike my other 1933 example.