29 July 2022

Oscar’s Alley

We may never learn who this is, but whoever it is is certainly a professional.

1933 – W. Todd

27 July 2022

2815 Avalon Avenue, Berkeley

This is W. Todd’s usual mark with the date underneath, unlike my other 1933 example.

1931 – W. O. Nelson

25 July 2022

2965 Avalon Avenue, Berkeley

This whole block appears to have been paved by W.O. Nelson in 1931.

1930 – H. C. Orth

23 July 2022

3032 Deakin Street, Berkeley

Unlike my other example, this mark has a properly stamped date.

1906 – Peterson & Adler

21 July 2022

2108 Essex Street, Berkeley

One of the nicest marks by Peterson & Adler you’ll ever see.

East Bay Municipal Utility Dist

4 July 2022

Grand Avenue was closed off today for the 4th of July, giving me a chance to inspect the roadway. This classic access cover near Embarcadero appears to be bronze.

Ambo Concrete

11 June 2022

3798 Harrison Street

Ambo Concrete was an outfit run by Sam Sposeto, who may have been related to Angelo Sposeto. I have Ambo marks from two dates, 1976 and 1979. This mark could be any age. I assume W. S. Wayne worked for Ambo.