1978 – Apodaca Bros.

10 December 2019

2900 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda

Apodaca Bros. started using this oval text stamp in 1976. Early examples are rare; I have dates going back to 1967 and up to 2005.

After 12 years of intensive searching, this is the first sidewalk stamp I’ve ever found stamped with a 1978 date.

1977 – Geo. Jardin

8 December 2019

743 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda

1971 – G. Maycroft & Son

6 December 2019

2222 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda

Marks by this maker are very scarce in Oakland; I’ve found only a handful. This one takes the firm’s history back another year.

1952 – F. D. Testa

4 December 2019

1715 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda

I have only a single dated example of Testa’s work from Oakland.

1922 – Alex. LaPlant

2 December 2019

743 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda

I’m going to put up a bunch of stamps I collected in Alameda last month. As always, I only use non-Oakland stamps to document dates that I haven’t found in Oakland. Alameda has stamps from a lot of sidewalk makers who don’t appear in Oakland. One reason, especially in the old days, is that the city required a $200 bond in order to do business, which kept a lot of artisans away and reserved street work for the already successful and/or well connected.

LaPlant marks are scarce in Oakland. I expect to find quite a few more dates in Alameda.

1926 – Schnoor Bros.

30 November 2019

1721 Tenth Street, Berkeley

I’ve documented this year before, but those marks had hand-drawn dates.

1937 – East Bay C. & C. Co.

28 November 2019

372 Orange Street

This is much prettier than my previous example of this date.