1948 – T. J. Garvey

2 June 2023

2338 Telegraph Avenue

Giving this mark its own post. I originally had it as part of a post with other stuff.

1998 – Apodaca & Huelga

9 May 2023

1300 Park Street, Alameda

A. Nelson

11 April 2023

5465 Lawton Avenue

Unlike the other examples of marks by A. (Albert) Nelson, which are hand-drawn, this one was made with a stamp. Interestingly, the periods after “A” and “Nelson” are triangles.

Also unlike the other examples, this one has no date. There are no cement workers named “A. Nelson” listed in the city directories of 1927 to 1937, so he may have lived elsewhere.

My thanks to Ken for spotting this. I surveyed this area early during my great quest, and my eye was less sharp than now. The area is so rich in stamps that I ought to survey it again.

1931 – N. MacLeod

30 March 2023

1603 18th Street

This must be the same guy who was N. McLeod in 1930 and N. MacLeod later in 1931, but this stamp includes the full year and spells the name N dot MAC dot LEOD for some reason. In any case, he may or may not be Norman McLeod of Spruce Street, Oakland.

2005 – EBMUD

26 March 2023

Folger Avenue at 7th Street, Berkeley

J. A. Feeley

4 March 2023

1601 12th Avenue

I’ve recorded two different versions of Feeley’s mark from 1925 (here and here), and this example appears to be made with individual letters.

1924 – W. O. Nelson

1 March 2023

1918 Lakeshore Avenue

Another stamp emerges in the low winter light.