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1998 – Apodaca & Huelga

9 May 2023

1300 Park Street, Alameda

1998 – W. Kitchen and C. B. Stevens

28 November 2015


44 Oak Hill Circle

1998 – AJW Construction

10 August 2015


10565 East Court

There are three of these here, pushing the record of AJW back another year.

1998 – AAP

23 October 2014


Roberts Avenue at 55th Avenue

No clue who AAP is/are, but they aren’t PA/AP.

1998 – Noskie Sweets and Tiara

23 March 2013


9601 Coral Road

The north side of the Columbian Gardens neighborhood is a gridiron of streets full of 1940s-era bungalows, and more guard dogs than I’ve ever seen. The only other mark to be seen here is an abundant, undated mark by Frank Brown.

1998 – Alex, Jessica and Mari

17 March 2013


9877 Empire Road

In its own way—sandwiched between the thundering freeway and San Leandro Creek—this little gathering of vintage cottages is as isolated as the Panoramic Hill neighborhood at the extreme opposite end of town above the Cal stadium. Neither place has any sidewalks to speak of.

1998 – Home State Builders

1 September 2011


5010 Proctor Avenue