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1955 – Pat

28 September 2015


9501 B Street

The concrete here looks like the work of A. Salamid, but Pat photobombed his job.

1955 – Talamini & McKenzie

28 September 2014


2518 64th Avenue

This mark appears to be the work of professionals, but the names aren’t familiar.

1955 – B. Pina

25 October 2013


3572 Gray Street

With this mark, I finally have a date for this guy.

1955 – G. Tribuzio & Sons

18 January 2013


3600 Glen Park Road

A very late mark from the last wave of the Tribuzio dynasty.

1955 – Grove, Shepherd, Wilson & Kruge

5 December 2012


1960 Mandela Parkway

I believe this is the only concrete stamp on all of Mandela. It sits next to the American Steel building, and somehow it escaped the repaving after the 1989 earthquake. I think this group must have been the developers of the site. Wikipedia tells me that the firm was the developer of the Cypress Structure, although that contract started in 1956.

1954/1955 – the Real babies

8 October 2012



2618 19th Avenue

I believe that these are birth marks, placed along the curb to note the births of Mike and Steven Real. They consist of a name on the top, a date in the middle, and what looks like the birthweight and the time of birth on the bottom. Pretty cool.

1955 – R. G. Wolfe

5 July 2012


1462 E. 31st Street

R. G. Wolfe remained meticulous in his stamping, using metal numerals instead of scratching a number as most sidewalk contractors did (and do). A shame that whoever cast his stamp cobbled the “R” together from a “P” and something else.