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1929 – J. Widel

28 June 2015


2021 88th Avenue

I still don’t know why J. Widel(l) spelled his name with one “L” instead of two, but he clearly meant to.

1929 – Gus Johnson

27 June 2015


1909 89th Avenue

Recording a moment of deep chagrin for Gus Johnson.

1929 – L. Banchero & Co.

26 June 2015


1956 89th Avenue

1929 – J. Rodrigues

28 April 2015


1757 82nd Avenue

Rodrigues made a special point of scratching in his new address, which he adopted some time after June 18 of this year. By November 26, he was using a stamp with the new address in metal. The odd thing is, both addresses appear to be the same corner lot at Orral and 73rd.

1929 – N. Lena

9 March 2015


7792 Ney Avenue

A hand-drawn mark to go with the stamped one.

1929 – J. Widell

3 March 2015


2946 76th Avenue

In addition to using proper stamps on this stretch of 76th, Widell did some charming hand-drawn marks.

1929 – J. Widell

2 March 2015


7550 Outlook Avenue

J. Widell did a whole row of sidewalks here and around the corner on 76th Avenue.