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1971 – Flag Day

4 April 2014


3955 Magee Avenue

Whoever made this cared more about the occasion than his identity.

1971 – C. Valenzuela

9 September 2013


3809 Whittle Avenue

I’m always unduly excited to find a 1970s date.

1971 – C. Valenzuela

12 February 2013


3943 Everett Avenue

A lousy mark, but a rare date.

1971 – Geo. Jardin

1 December 2012


1108 Wellington Street

The 1970s are a real black hole in Oakland sidewalk stamps. I blame Richard Nixon. This is the first legitimate stamp I’ve found from 1971 (but do check out the other two I’ve found). Fortunately, this block has several of these, so it won’t soon go extinct.

1971 – Brown Hot Wheel

6 August 2011


Alicia Street

Alicia Street is too small to have any properties with street numbers. This appears to say something like “Brown Hot Wheel” and is dated 7/16/71.

1971 – Cal Sideweld Bag Co.

28 February 2011


1281 30th Street

Hard to read this, but with a little Google help I see that it says “Cal Sideweld Bag Co / D. Myers Owner.” The 1969 Oakland City Directory lists the California Sideweld Bag Company at 1275 30th Street, with Dana Meyers as the proprietor. Sideweld bags are a widely used construction for inexpensive plastic bags.

This address is the former home of Acme Warehouse, which seems to be defunct and more’s the pity.

1971 – Harmony House

12 February 2009


160 Moss Way

I can picture “Harmony House” in detail, because that’s the kind of hippie house I’ve lived in more than once, complete with Captain Crash, Speed and various other characters. I rarely include amateur sidewalk marks, but this is rare and here it is.