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1954 – A. G. Moniz

21 November 2015


10100 Dante Avenue

Good old Arthur Moniz.

1954 – F. D. Testa

27 October 2015


2024 101st Avenue

A handsome mark from a name new to me. In the middle of the driveway is the word “QUEEN” with another word below it, obscured.

1954 – Lee Railsback

1 July 2015


8809 Olive Street

Another rare date from the elusive Mr. Railsback.

Other dated things: EBMUD lid

20 May 2015


3718 Patterson Avenue

When I first noticed that some of the old EBMUD water-meter covers had dates, I freaked out for a while because I’d already covered half of Oakland. Then I decided to let someone else claim that obsession. You like these? They’re all yours.

Meanwhile, I’ve documented some more sidewalk stamps, so let’s resume.

1954 – Cragun & Cragun

24 December 2014


Bancroft Road at 68th Avenue

This is in the middle of Bancroft, on the median at the crosswalk.

First there was Cal Cragun, starting in the 1930s. Then, starting in 1940, there was Cragun & Cragun, whose marks were simply a double-stamp of Cal’s mark. I’ve found examples up to 1947. Then there is this lovely new custom stamp, sign of a thriving business. So why have I only found a single example in two-thirds of Oakland? I think it must be because they were headquartered farther south somewhere.

The date of this mark is a conundrum. I think the original mark reads 1954, but this must have been emplaced in a later year—I just can’t tell what year.

1954 – G. Tribuzio

17 December 2013


3745 Rhoda Avenue

This pushes G. Tribuzio still further into the 1950s. Note the partially obliterated part of the mark. He was using the full version as late as 1936 with his address, 425 Market Street.

1954 – A. J. Ferrero

5 December 2013


3546 Mangels Avenue