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1912 – Nelson

25 August 2015


1321 96th Avenue

I believe this is E. Nelson, who was responsible for various marks, with and without Johnson, in the early 1910s.

1912 – C. Grau

24 August 2015


96th Avenue at International Boulevard

Notice that here Mr. Grau put the day before the month, whereas in yesterday’s mark the month came first. And this was during the same month!

1912 – C. Grau

23 August 2015


1301 96th Avenue

Here’s another local sidewalk maker I’m running into for the first time.

1912 – Francisco R. Comachao

22 August 2015


1307 97th Avenue

Very fragmentary, but it still counts.

1912 – Francisco R. Comachao

21 August 2015


1240 97th Avenue

This post starts a long series from the heart of historic Elmhurst, including many century-old stamps. This mark clarifies a fragmentary one I documented in the Fruitvale area a few years back. Francisco Comachao was clearly part of the Portuguese wave that settled much of this area.

1912 – Reardon-Dowling Co.

24 April 2015


1672 81st Avenue

This very old mark, on a long expanse of good strong sidewalk, tells me that I’m edging into historic Elmhurst. Reardon is a familiar name, but not Dowling, although this is rather near Dowling Street.

1912 – The Oakland Paving Co.

20 September 2014


1923 65th Avenue

There’s another one across the street. Oakland Paving may have done this whole block, back in the day.