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1984 – Geo. Jardin

31 January 2020

Clinton Avenue at Union Street, Alameda

1984 – Mike — Willie

11 October 2015


9921 Walnut Street

Mike and Willie did their best.

1984 – Fabian, Omar, Kesha, Johnny

28 November 2014


5336 Walnut Avenue

On an early spring day in 1984, four kids from the block inscribed these four blocks on the sidewalk. Fabian, now age 41, happened to be there as I surveyed the block, and he shared memories of the day and his comrades Johnny, Kesha and Omar. As far as he could recall, all of them had stayed in Oakland.

1984 – C. Valenzuela

18 November 2014


3145 Maxwell Avenue

A barely discernible mark from Valenzuela’s last decade.

1984 – Davis & Sons Inc.

5 November 2014


1441 70th Avenue

A very nicely preserved mark by Davis & Sons, from a time when not many contractors were using stamps.

1984 – O. T. T.

8 November 2012


542 Midcrest Road

These initials don’t match any maker I know, and the technique is poor, so for now I’ll consider this an amateur paving job.

1984 – Antonio Padilla

2 January 2012


1507 36th Avenue

We’ll see if Antonio Padilla shows up elsewhere.