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1950 – S. Giuntoli

20 November 2015


9944 Longfellow Avenue

Not too certain about this one. But Silvio Giuntoli’s career began in the mid-1920s, and I have dates through 1949, all of which use the same tiny numerals for the year as he used for the month and day. If this were from 1930, he would have used the numerals for the “30.” I prefer to think that he got tired of the whole thing in January 1950 and just scratched in “50.”

1950 – L. Banchero

3 June 2015


1434 84th Avenue

Yes, the 5 is upside-down, but I think it’s a real 5. All of the 1920s Banchero marks I’ve seen—hundreds of them—used a regular-old 2. And of course in the twenties it was “Banchero & Co.”

1950 – C. Troja-Sisto

25 November 2014


5527 Brookdale Avenue

I present this mark, even though I already have a good example, because on this mark Mr. Troja-Sisto was careful enough to make it clear that the little cursive scrawl in the middle line says “st” for Street.

1950 – Texeira

29 August 2014


6234 Harmon Avenue

Right across the driveway from yesterday’s mark by M. Dias is this one by (presumably) his partner on the job, Texeira.

1950 – M. Dias

28 August 2014


6234 Harmon Avenue

This mark pushes M. Dias’ dates later than ever.

1950 – Frank M. Brown

27 August 2014


6200 E. 16th Street

1950 – Nick Ferri

28 July 2013


3239 Lynde Street

With this mark, ten years later than any others I’ve found, the mysterious Mr Ferri finally reveals his first name and phone number.