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1963 – Auction Alley

26 November 2014


5538 Foothill Boulevard

This address is a nondescript auto-repair place today, but I guess at one time it was Auction Alley. Does anyone remember?

1963 – Roy Kendall

7 June 2014


5745 E. 16th Street

Kendall was a long way from home.

1963 – R. G. Wolfe

15 February 2014


Magee Avenue at Kansas Street

1963 – C. Valenzuela

30 July 2013


3232 Galindo Street

I think that C. Valenzuela must have been located in Fruitvale, because while his marks are spread all over Oakland, they seem to be thickest on the ground here, including some hard-to-find dates.

1963 – L. J. Lorenzetti

19 March 2011


400 Franklin Street

The concrete here in the produce district is quite old and battle-scarred, much of it laid down in the 1910s apparently by G. Skidmore.

1963 – Angelo C. Sposeto

25 December 2010


3298 Lakeshore Boulevard

This mark was hiding underneath a sandwich board. It’s the first example I’ve found of an Angelo Sposeto mark with a date.

This is the 1,000th post on Oakland Sidewalks.

1963 – Gallagher & Burk

11 September 2010


999 42nd Street

Gallagher & Burk did the whole block of Linden Street between 41st and 42nd Streets.

This is the last year I needed to get in the 1960s.