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1988 – Juanita & Jimi

5 August 2015


100 Isleton Avenue

I hope this romance has lasted.

1988 – Monica Harris

21 October 2014


3201 Birdsall Avenue

Young Monica left the handprint. She’d be 28 today.

1988 – Bernabe & Brinker

21 December 2011


2240 Wood Street

This address was until recently Bernabe & Brinker’s business site. I don’t expect to see this mark anywhere else, but there are two of them here.

1988 – Geo. Jardin

14 March 2011


524 7th Street

I haven’t been able to figure out what to call this shape; for a long time I thought of it as a “block oval,” but someone suggested “barrel.” That works if you picture a wine barrel, which is stored on its side, rather than the historical ideas of a pickle barrel, a cash-on-the-barrelhead barrel or a barrel-worn-by-a-broke-guy, which is upright. Works for me.

1988 – C. Valenzuela

16 August 2008


5922 Chabot Crest