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Vault lights con’d., etc.

18 March 2016

It was exciting to see so much interest in last week’s post about Oakland’s old vault lights. I went back to the Jefferson Court Apartment building at a different time of day, hoping to catch the daylight in the vault lights I showed last week. Success!


We’re facing east on 18th Street. The building’s sunken courtyard is on the right, and the brightly lit concrete floor there is shining up through the prism faces on the bottom of the glass vault lights. I knew you’d get a thrill.

Here’s the combination of ventilator and vault lights that surrounds the Leamington Hotel building. Those are a P. H. Jackson production.


In other news, I deciphered yet another sidewalk stamp with a year/maker combination I hadn’t found before.

1948 – T. J. Garvey


2338 Telegraph Avenue

Now I’m missing only eight years between 1927 and 1958.

1948 – H. E. V.

19 November 2015


10215 Dante Avenue

1948 – L. Banchero

27 September 2015


9838 B Street

This is a better strike than my previous example.

1948 – H. Mart

2 June 2015


1957 85th Avenue

I’ve recorded a similar hand-drawn mark from 1948 by H. O. Mart, with a different phone number.

1948 – Wm. Ward

23 March 2015


2653 77th Avenue

Here’s a name that’s new to me.

1948 – J. Barale

10 July 2014


4695 Reinhardt Road

A most excellent imprint of this early year by J. Barale.

1948 – Gallagher & Burk

6 July 2014


3862 Huntington Avenue