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1948 – Frank Cizek

5 July 2014


4805 Tompkins Avenue

Haven’t seen a Frank Cizek mark in over two years. Luckily this one was a previously undocumented year. Perhaps there are some earlier ones in East Oakland.

1948 – G. Tribuzio & Sons

5 June 2014


1258 62nd Avenue

Here’s a great mark by G. Tribuzio & Sons that includes their address (3706 Porter Street) and phone number as well as a nice date. It’s my first example from the 1940s, and it establishes that the time G. Tribuzio did business alone overlapped the time he worked with his sons, from at least 1948 to 1954.

1948 – G. L. Patterson

31 March 2014


3800 California Street

I found two marks by G. L. Patterson in this neighborhood.

1948 – Nick Ferri

23 October 2013


2029 Crosby Avenue

This mark shows that Nick Ferri began using his first name before 1950. I still have an eight-year gap in the record to fill between 1948 and 1940.

1948 – Austin

24 August 2013


1139 58th Avenue

This is the back entrance to a truck lot in the Pepsi complex, or maybe the Quaker Oats complex, on 57th. This is probably not Fred Austin, but some other Austin.

1948 – L. Scaramelli

6 March 2013


2221 E. 31st Street

I have two other Scaramelli marks from 1948, but this one is the standard configuration.

1948 – H. O. Mart

31 January 2013


3720 Ardley Avenue

You have to be here in person to appreciate the elegance of this signature, by a maker I haven’t seen before.