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1908 – C. J. Lindgren

21 February 2022

2911 Russell Street, Berkeley

A new date for this maker.

Some stamps from Berkeley 2

17 November 2017

Having spent a lot of time walking in Berkeley lately, I’ve collected a few more stamps bearing dates unrepresented in Oakland.

1906 – Esterly Con. Co.

1529 Le Roy Avenue

A fine double mark, though the date is dim. Oakland has a double mark from 1907.

1908 – Esterly Con. Co.

1529 Le Roy Avenue

Both of these Esterly marks are on the Hayward Fault, so it’s not clear how much longer they’ll last.

1921 – J. E. Reed

1631 Spruce Street

Oakland has a single example of Reed’s mark, barely over the Berkeley line.

1958 – G. W. Griset

2285 Virginia Street

Griset’s marks are fairly common in Oakland, but they span only a few years from 1950 to 1957.


23 December 2011


1454 36th Avenue

I can’t make this one out, although I keep thinking it looks familiar. But I’ve checked all the oval marks in the graphic key to no avail.

1908 – Paul Schnoor

30 April 2010


6445 Irwin Court

Imagine: this tiny street sticking north from Alcatraz Avenue next to Shattuck was paved more than a century ago.

1908 – C. B. Burnham

3 February 2010


44th Street at Martin Luther King Jr. Way

This is subtly different from the other 1908 Burnham marks I’ve collected.

1908 – Paul Schnoor

24 November 2009


470 Cavour Street

A slightly different configuration from my other 1908 marks by Paul Schnoor.

1908 – Blake & Bilger

12 November 2009


460 60th Street

At last, a dated Blake & Bilger mark.