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1920 – N. J. Lindstrom

25 September 2022

1418 Harmon Street and 3234 Baker Street, Berkeley

Nels J. Lindstrom used a variety of stamps in his long career: an oval mark in the early 1910s and a racetrack mark from 1922 to the 1940s. In between, he used straight text with various configurations. These two 1920 marks differ in the placement of the date, but the letters, including the tiny “S”, are the same.

1920 – Schnoor Bros.

20 September 2022

1314 Harmon Street, Berkeley

The early years of Schnoor Bros. are quite rare in Oakland, or at least they’re not marked.

A few more marks

23 September 2016

Over the last month or so I’ve run across a few marks I missed or dismissed during the big survey.

1920 – F & R Farrer


3070 Champion Street

The date is barely a whisper; at least it’s some time in the 1920s. The 1922 directory lists three Farrers — Robert, Fred and Arthur — as concrete workers, all at 7305 E. 14th Street, so this must be Fred and Robert’s outfit. They’re clearly related in some fashion to Farrer & Sons, attested with a mark from 1926. The evidence is scant.

1935 – M. Bua


4051 Suter Street

Again, the date may be a hallucination, but that’s what I decided when looking at in person. I wouldn’t bother with such a poor mark except that it’s only the second example by Michael Bua, who’s listed in the 1930 directory as a general contractor at 237 Bacon Building.

1939 – W. M. Sharp


1452 Lakeshore Avenue

This is a clearer example of the year than the one I had before, which I decided was really from 1938.

1920 – F. E. Flaherty

2 October 2015


1612 100th Avenue

Assuming I’m correct with the date, this mark establishes F. E. Flaherty at a very early time indeed.

1920 – L. M. Rasmussen

16 May 2014


5620 Edgerly Street

This pushes Rasmussen back another year.

1920 – W. G.

15 May 2014


1912 55th Avenue

I have not a clue who W. G. might have been.

1920 – Cunningham & Gunter

13 April 2014


4037 Loma Vista Avenue

Dated marks by this maker are very scarce.