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A few more marks

23 September 2016

Over the last month or so I’ve run across a few marks I missed or dismissed during the big survey.

1920 – F & R Farrer


3070 Champion Street

The date is barely a whisper; at least it’s some time in the 1920s. The 1922 directory lists three Farrers — Robert, Fred and Arthur — as concrete workers, all at 7305 E. 14th Street, so this must be Fred and Robert’s outfit. They’re clearly related in some fashion to Farrer & Sons, attested with a mark from 1926. The evidence is scant.

1935 – M. Bua


4051 Suter Street

Again, the date may be a hallucination, but that’s what I decided when looking at in person. I wouldn’t bother with such a poor mark except that it’s only the second example by Michael Bua, who’s listed in the 1930 directory as a general contractor at 237 Bacon Building.

1939 – W. M. Sharp


1452 Lakeshore Avenue

This is a clearer example of the year than the one I had before, which I decided was really from 1938.

1920 – F. E. Flaherty

2 October 2015


1612 100th Avenue

Assuming I’m correct with the date, this mark establishes F. E. Flaherty at a very early time indeed.

1920 – L. M. Rasmussen

16 May 2014


5620 Edgerly Street

This pushes Rasmussen back another year.

1920 – W. G.

15 May 2014


1912 55th Avenue

I have not a clue who W. G. might have been.

1920 – Cunningham & Gunter

13 April 2014


4037 Loma Vista Avenue

Dated marks by this maker are very scarce.

1920 – Pool-Lee

13 March 2014


3134 Minna Avenue

This sheds light on the early history of (I presume) W. Pool and J. B. Lee—they were a team. And Pool kept a look similar to this classic early Deco font in his separate practice.

1920 – J. Ogden

25 September 2013


3400 block Lynde Street