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1940 – Chas. Somers & Sons

30 October 2019

28th Street behind the Humanist Hall

Now this is interesting. In 1940 Chas Somers and Sons changed their stamp. From the 1930s to early 1940, the stamp included the firm’s phone number “NIGATE- 7470” at the bottom: see it in 1938, 1939 and January 1940. And here, as of March 1940 (I think), is the earliest instance of the stamp they used for the rest of the documented record, with the notation “PI. 4041J” at the bottom, as seen here beautifully in 1946.

1940 – Hennig

13 November 2015


9949 Voltaire Avenue

My previous example from 1940 was very hazy; not this one.

1940 – C. Fischer

12 November 2015


10327 Shaw Street

Mr. Fischer was very inconsistent with his name.

1940 – Fischer

11 November 2015


2726 Frazier Avenue

I have no idea why C. Fischer had to draw the last letter with a stick.

1940 – Albany Concrete

22 October 2015


3644 Calafia Avenue

This is much larger than the usual Albany Concrete mark, leaves out the word “Co.,” and appears to be carefully hand-drawn.

1940 – Geo. Riding

6 October 2015


9845 Walnut Street

Here George Riding added the month and day to his mark.

1940 – WPA (C. J. F.)

4 August 2015


92nd Avenue at Sunnyside Street

This is a street corner with a 1940 WPA stamp on it, plus this signature. It’s the first example I’ve found of someone putting his name (intials, anyway) on a WPA project. (I tried to get both parts on one shot, hence the odd angle.)