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1940 – Hennig

13 November 2015


9949 Voltaire Avenue

My previous example from 1940 was very hazy; not this one.

1940 – C. Fischer

12 November 2015


10327 Shaw Street

Mr. Fischer was very inconsistent with his name.

1940 – Fischer

11 November 2015


2726 Frazier Avenue

I have no idea why C. Fischer had to draw the last letter with a stick.

1940 – Albany Concrete

22 October 2015


3644 Calafia Avenue

This is much larger than the usual Albany Concrete mark, leaves out the word “Co.,” and appears to be carefully hand-drawn.

1940 – Geo. Riding

6 October 2015


9845 Walnut Street

Here George Riding added the month and day to his mark.

1940 – WPA (C. J. F.)

4 August 2015


92nd Avenue at Sunnyside Street

This is a street corner with a 1940 WPA stamp on it, plus this signature. It’s the first example I’ve found of someone putting his name (intials, anyway) on a WPA project. (I tried to get both parts on one shot, hence the odd angle.)

1940 – Wm. Sharp (W. M. Sharp)

4 July 2015


8500 block A Street

W. M. Sharp seems to have given up his stamp after 1939. This is the second hand-drawn mark of his I have from 1940. The other one says “W. Sharp.” Oddly, this one looks like “Wm. Sharp,” which would signify that his first name was William. But who knows?