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1922 – Schnoor Bros.

25 February 2022

1375 Rose Street, Berkeley

I’ve documented the Schnoor Bros. mark from 1922 before, but this one is really 22-y. In fact, even the “s” on “Bros.” looks like a 2. That’s been known to happen.

1922 – Alex. LaPlant

2 December 2019

743 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda

I’m going to put up a bunch of stamps I collected in Alameda last month. As always, I only use non-Oakland stamps to document dates that I haven’t found in Oakland. Alameda has stamps from a lot of sidewalk makers who don’t appear in Oakland. One reason, especially in the old days, is that the city required a $200 bond in order to do business, which kept a lot of artisans away and reserved street work for the already successful and/or well connected.

LaPlant marks are scarce in Oakland. I expect to find quite a few more dates in Alameda.

1922 – J. B. Castellotti

26 January 2019

2700 block San Pablo Avenue

I’ve recorded a 1922 Castellotti mark before, but this one features the month as well as the year.

1922 – Hennig

3 October 2015


1427 103rd Avenue

This mark pushes back Otto Hennig’s dates back a few years.

1922 – N. Lena

29 September 2015


1380 102nd Avenue

It looks like N. Lena may have modified a stamp with a “191X” date to make this. But I have no evidence that he was active before 1920, so who knows.

1922 – M. A. Lopes

21 July 2015


1605 90th Avenue

Here’s a beautiful strike from the only year I’ve found from the elder Mr. Lopes.

1922 – M. B. Wiggins

7 June 2015


1734 Auseon Street

It looks like early in 1922, M. B. Wiggins used large numerals for the date. Later that year he used smaller digits. “2-22” was pretty special. Maybe he started business on 2/2/22, the same day that James Joyce’s Ulysses was published.