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1922 – M. A. Lopes

1 September 2014


2808 Monticello Avenue

Finally I’ve found a dated mark by M. A. Lopes, who may or may not be related to the later Frank Lopes. I think of him as Lopes the Elder.

1922 – Fugel Bros.

23 August 2014


1166 71st Avenue

This old mark stands out in a neighborhood of much younger sidewalks. I have another 1922 mark by Fugel Bros., but it has the full date “1922” on it.

1922 – L. M. Rasmussen

7 August 2014


4909 Fairfax Avenue

I think that Rasmussen’s earliest mark, from 1921, had all four digits cast in bronze. In 1922 he clearly altered the final 1 into a 2. After that, I think he eliminated the final digit from the mark.

1922 – F. Roberts

21 April 2014


4011 Allendale Avenue

Every other F. Roberts mark in this neighborhood—and there are lots of them—is from 1923.

1922 – R. C. Malone

19 January 2014


2243 Rosedale Avenue

Probably the best example of this maker I’ve found. The homeowner was pleased when I showed him what I was doing.

1922 – J. Ogden

30 October 2013


3730 Brookdale Avenue

It’s a relief to have a high-quality example of this date from J. Ogden; my first example was pretty dodgy.

1922 – F. W. Metge

10 September 2013


3982 Whittle Avenue

This is a clean, unbroken example of a mark I’ve found elsewhere.