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1944 – Ed Doty (straight mark)

23 March 2018

143 Waldo Way, Piedmont

This straight mark was used by Ed Doty even after he adopted the “Master Concrete” stamp in 1937. With this example, I’ve documented each year from then up to 1944. If I find a 1945 example, that will complete the set.

1944 – J. S. Mattos Concrete Co.

17 September 2015


9282 D Street

Dated marks from J. S. Mattos are very rare.

1944 – Duffin

7 April 2015


7532 Krause Avenue

L.B. Duffin left his initials off this time.

1944 – J. Widell

31 January 2015


7007 MacArthur Boulevard

1944 – F. M. Brown

30 January 2015


6706 Outlook Avenue

F. M. Brown may have been the same guy as Frank M. Brown, but if he was I don’t know why he used two different stamps during the same years. My previous dated examples are all from 1944, but it wasn’t clear until I saw this one that he used an actual stamp instead of (or besides) doing them by hand. Maybe he had a solo practice as well as his contractor’s practice.

1944 – F. M. Brown

28 July 2014


5218 Foothill Boulevard

This clears up the mystery of the incomplete example I documented a while back.

1944 – J. Widell

15 July 2014


4500 block Foothill Boulevard

This is next to the city pool.