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1944 – J. S. Mattos Concrete Co.

17 September 2015


9282 D Street

Dated marks from J. S. Mattos are very rare.

1944 – Duffin

7 April 2015


7532 Krause Avenue

L.B. Duffin left his initials off this time.

1944 – J. Widell

31 January 2015


7007 MacArthur Boulevard

1944 – F. M. Brown

30 January 2015


6706 Outlook Avenue

F. M. Brown may have been the same guy as Frank M. Brown, but if he was I don’t know why he used two different stamps during the same years. My previous dated examples are all from 1944, but it wasn’t clear until I saw this one that he used an actual stamp instead of (or besides) doing them by hand. Maybe he had a solo practice as well as his contractor’s practice.

1944 – F. M. Brown

28 July 2014


5218 Foothill Boulevard

This clears up the mystery of the incomplete example I documented a while back.

1944 – J. Widell

15 July 2014


4500 block Foothill Boulevard

This is next to the city pool.

1944 – Douglas & Wolfe

26 February 2014


3336 Kansas Street

This was the last year (or nearly so) that Douglas & Wolfe did business. In 1945 R. G. Wolfe carried on alone with an altered version of this same stamp, then got his own stamp made sometime between 1946 and 1949.