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1953 – Wm. Ward

13 December 2022

1307 Alcatraz Avenue, Berkeley

William Clyde Ward (1906-1975) is a little-attested concrete finisher, an Oakland native who worked for August Casqueiro during the late 1930s, but I guess he did some independent work in later years. I have one dated mark of his from Oakland, and here’s this one in south Berkeley. He and his wife and three kids lived at the south end of Ward Lane through the 1940s; the house is still there.

1953 – Carl T. Petersen

15 December 2020

3439 Morcom Avenue

This extends the record of Carl Petersen one more year.

1953 – A1 Con / J. J. Silva

5 January 2015


7120 Weld Street

Some marks I despair of ever finding a dated example. Things like this are what keep me looking at every one, just in case.

1953 – Mackenzie

1 December 2014


2421 Kingsland Avenue

1953 – Louie

26 May 2014


3717 Greenacre Road

Good ol’ Louie.

1953 – R. G. Wolfe

1 April 2014


3709 Loma Vista Avenue

Been looking for one of these for a long time!

1953 – A. J. Ferrero

2 July 2013


10625 Russet Street