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Oakland sawblade

14 April 2017

659 15th Street is the nondescript butt-end of the building whose main space, facing Martin Luther King Jr. Way, houses the East Bay Fencers Gym.

The web offers me almost no information on what’s here. That’s OK. I think I know something about the person. The evidence in the concrete suggests a small-time artisan or artist, someone skilled and obsessive enough to create these objects, proud enough to mark the place, yet self-effacing too.

As a fruit is to the tree that bears it, so are artists to the community that nourishes them. As a fellow Oaklander, I accept and return the salute with this post.

In other news, here’s yet another variant of the 2011 Rosas Brothers stamp.

2011 – Rosas Brothers

394 Orange Street

I don’t know how this happens.

2011 – Jim + Glo

23 September 2015


9656 E Street

2011 – Matt and his homies

6 February 2015


6141 Laird Avenue

2011 – AJW Construction

17 June 2013


444 Cavour Street

AJW Construction patched the sidewalks of Shafter Avenue from 51st Street to College Avenue, so this mark is abundant there. I was a little worried that they had stopped stamping their work after 2006.

2011 – African-style mask

10 December 2012


1240 18th Street

This is in the pavement in front of Ralph Bunche High School. I hope it lasts a long time.

2011 – Rosas Brothers

9 December 2012


1825 Linden Street

This shows that Rosas Brothers did indeed have a stamp made for the year 2011; until now all my examples were hand-altered from a different year. The blocks around here have dozens more.

2011 – Rosas Brothers

22 November 2012


29 Moss Street

This is the old stamp from 2009 with the last two numbers rubbed out.