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2011 – Rosas Brothers

21 November 2012


1218 Holman Road

There are a bunch of these “20011” marks in Trestle Glen; apparently Rosas Brothers used this old stamp from 2009 at the same time as the revamped stamp they adopted in 2010. (Of course after 2010 they started scratching over the date of that stamp, too.)

2011 – HB

14 December 2011


Glascock Street at Peterson Street

This curb-cut mark is conceivably by HB Parkco, of Hayward, in connection with the revamping of Glascock and construction of the new waterfront walkway. Whatever—I’m always glad to see a mark from the current year.

2011 – Andes

16 August 2011


59th Street at Genoa Street

There are a bunch of these in the area. It looks like Andes Construction Co. is really in the business of fixing old sewer lines, but they do the concrete afterward too. They’re in Oakland in the Melrose neighborhood.

2011 – Rosas Brothers

26 July 2011


636 59th Street

Good old Rosas Bros. patched this whole block, putting dates on each bit. I’d hate to think that they are the only outfit left doing this, but I’m glad someone is carrying on the tradition.