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1987 – Pioneer Const.

12 December 2019

1039 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda

1987 – Apodaca Bros.

18 June 2015


Samaria Lane at Crestmont Avenue

This example of Apodaca Bros.’ mark from this year is far superior to the one I had. And the font used for the year’s digits is unusual.

1987 – Mark

27 November 2013


42 El Patio Street

I think there is no more appropriate name for such a thing. Bonus points if you know where this street is.

1987 – JTS

3 November 2013


2333 38th Avenue

The resident told me he’s been here for 40 years, but he couldn’t remember who did his driveway back in 1987. I have no sidewalk makers with those initials.

1987 – Apodaca Bros.

21 January 2013


1532 Union Street

1987 – T. Jones

30 June 2011


2570 99th Avenue

I hope that T. Jones still thinks fondly of the moment represented by these handprints.


26 July 2008


192 Ridgeway Avenue

This address has two circular patches with this mark, not really a stamp. If 1980s marks weren’t so scarce, I’d disqualify it.