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1973 – A. J. Ferrero

27 November 2015


10510 Edgewood Drive

Like a mirage, this rare year appears in a remote block far from any neighboring marks. A. J. Ferrero stamps are usually this indistinct; my previous example was worse.

1973 – Shary P___

10 October 2015


7950 Shay Drive

Can’t make out the last name, except that it seems to begin with a P and end with a K.

1973 – Frank McCowan

31 August 2014


71st Avenue at International Boulevard

Frank’s signature suggests to me that he knew his way around wet concrete, but until now I hadn’t seen his work.

1973 – A. J. Ferrero

15 October 2013


19 Melvin Court

This decidedly out-of-the-way street is nicely equipped with sidewalks, unlike its surroundings, but only this lot (worth seeing for its own virtues) had a stamp of any kind on it. And it’s a classic from a distinctive maker and a very rare year.

1973 – Geo. Jardin

26 August 2013


1240 49th Avenue

Another very rare date; in fact this is the first real stamp I’ve found from 1973.

1973 – Patrick and Cathy’s family

5 January 2013


3456 Oak Knoll Boulevard

We have Dad and Mom’s feet, and then Noah’s feet, Sean’s hands and Norman’s baby foot.

This is the first mark I’ve found from 1973.