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1905 – C. B. Burnham

23 October 2022

3138 California Street, Berkeley

Lovely to collect more C. B. Burnham stamps.

Some stamps from Berkeley 1

6 May 2016

I’ve decided that since I’ve seen every bit of Oakland’s sidewalks, it’s now OK to fill in missing dates of Oakland’s sidewalk makers from out of town. Here’s the first installment.

1905 – Contra Costa Construction Co.


Arch Street, at The Berk (2311 Le Conte Avenue), Berkeley

There’s just one example of this mark in Oakland, from 1904.

1906 – Contra Costa Construction Co.


2107 Addison Street, Berkeley

This is in front of the Hot Cups Cafe. The building has a plaque on the front, on Shattuck Avenue, stating that it was the first site of the California Academy of Arts and Crafts (now CCA).

1907 – Hall & Nelsen


1876 Arch Street, Berkeley

There is only one example of this mark in Oakland, from 1918.

1910 – Blake & Bilger


1862 Arch Street, Berkeley

Blake & Bilger marks are rare and special, so I’m pleased to add a new year’s date from this iconic Oakland firm.

1905 – R. H. Hahn

30 May 2011


1042 63rd Street

Here’s another example of the mysterious mark I found on Alcatraz earlier this year. Now it’s revealed as a unique crescent design, but I couldn’t decipher the name until I found “Robt H” Hahn in the directory. He was listed that year as living at 3043 Grove Street (now MLK Way).

It appears that the R and the N are reversed. Perhaps a better example will turn up in Berkeley.

1905 – A. M. Hill & Company

15 January 2011


820 54th Street

This is part of a pair, a block away from one I found last summer.

1905 – A. M. Hill & Company

7 July 2010


713 54th Street

This is the same escutcheon used by Blake & Bilger.