1905 – R. H. Hahn


1042 63rd Street

Here’s another example of the mysterious mark I found on Alcatraz earlier this year. Now it’s revealed as a unique crescent design, but I couldn’t decipher the name until I found “Robt H” Hahn in the directory. He was listed that year as living at 3043 Grove Street (now MLK Way).

It appears that the R and the N are reversed. Perhaps a better example will turn up in Berkeley.

3 Responses to “1905 – R. H. Hahn”

  1. Dave Garrett Says:

    There is one in Berkeley at 1616 Josephine. While not much clearer, it looks like “H.E. HAHN” (1906)

  2. Andrew Alden Says:

    Hmm, the 1905 (but not the 1906) directory lists an M. Hahn, “cement worker.”

  3. Dave Garrett Says:

    I could be convinced. My photo is inconclusive. Definitely not an “I” per your older post.

    I’ve been hunting and documenting Berkeley sidewalks since September. Your blog has been a great resource!

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