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1999 – Postin

14 October 2015


Plymouth Avenue at 102nd Avenue

This looks like “Postin” so that’s what I’ll call it.

1999 – Castellanos Concrete

2 October 2014


6342 Doran Drive

The high hills are so barren of marks that a find like this is a big deal. To me, anyway.

1999 – Wolf

9 June 2014


4207 Gregory Street

I might have let this one go but for two things: the street it was on and the pawprint that was on it.

1999 – Mark and Jenny

18 April 2014


Drake Lane

I include this mark just so you know I really do check every street in person, both sides.

1999 – AJW Construction

6 April 2014


55th Avenue at International Boulevard

I must have seen a thousand AJW Construction marks. Only this one is dated before the 21st century, so far.

1999 – V. F. W.

9 February 2014


2255 High Street

“VFW” probably means someone’s initials rather than a proud member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The owner was not standing there, so I couldn’t ask anyone.

1999 – Secrease

13 September 2010


923 44th Street

“Secrease” looks like an amateur, but you never know.