1953 – Wm. Ward

1307 Alcatraz Avenue, Berkeley

William Clyde Ward (1906-1975) is a little-attested concrete finisher, an Oakland native who worked for August Casqueiro during the late 1930s, but I guess he did some independent work in later years. I have one dated mark of his from Oakland, and here’s this one in south Berkeley. He and his wife and three kids lived at the south end of Ward Lane through the 1940s; the house is still there.

3 Responses to “1953 – Wm. Ward”

  1. Ken Says:

    Andrew, what’s the closest cross-street for this mark? The location that’s shown on Google Maps is not correct and I’m not finding that address at all.

    A somewhat unrelated request – would you be able to add a category to your Graphic Key sometime for hand-drawn marks, at least for ones that are clearly contractor marks.


  2. Andrew Alden Says:

    Sorry, must be 1307 — phone finger slip. I’ll correct that.

  3. Ken Says:

    Thanks for the address correction. I went out there this morning and still didn’t spot this mark but I probably just overlooked it somehow. I did see a faint but easily identifiable Lindgren & Hicks mark on the northeast corner of 63rd & Baker – one of those stamps that’s much easier to see in the low winter light.

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