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1955 – Andrade

19 June 2012


13th Avenue at E. 19th Street

1955 – Mackenzie

29 April 2012


2239 Ivy Drive

Marks from 1955 are the rarest date in the 1950s. It always reminds me of 1955 coins, which are likewise uncommon. Even nicer in this case is that the 1955 penny has a famous variety in which the date is double-struck. And here we have such a thing courtesy of Mackenzie.

1955 – C. Valenzuela

22 January 2012


1445 38th Avenue

A badly degraded mark, but I claim it as a C. Valenzuela mark from the rare year of 1955.

1955 – W. Todd

4 August 2011


1055 Warfield Avenue

This really looks like 1955, but the rest of W. Todd’s dates cluster in the 1930s, so I may withdraw this if other dates this don’t show up.

1955 – A. J. Ferrero

26 April 2011


629 18th Street

I’ve mentioned my fascination with 1955 before. This is only the third mark I’ve found with that date so far.

1955 – J. Barale

1 February 2011


539 Merritt Avenue

When I collected pennies, my eyes widened whenever I found a 1955 because for some reason they made very few of them that year, especially here at the San Francisco Mint. It turns out to be the same with sidewalk stamps, as this is only the second one I’ve found. The date is beautifully defined.

1955 – T. J. Garvey

23 May 2009


3516 Harrison Street

It has taken me a year of concerted searching to find a 1955 mark. I think there was a recession that year; coin collectors find it a scarce date as well.