Brass in the sidewalk

29 July 2020

1100 Broadway

The 1100 Broadway building, a splashy newcomer to downtown, has added a subtle touch of metal to the sidewalk out front in these thin strips of brass inserted between the pavement panels. Each one is a different length.

1901 – Peterson & Adler

25 June 2020

1308 Alcatraz Avenue, Berkeley

Marks this old are of sufficient rarity that I document them all.

Vault lights, Old Oakland

19 June 2020

483 Ninth Street

When the 1870s-vintage buildings of Old Oakland were rescued and renovated, some updated versions of this 19th-century technology were installed to bring natural light into the subfloors on the west side of Ninth Street. These will probably not turn purple like the many antique examples around downtown/uptown like these and these.

1924 – Riechel & Bredhoff

8 June 2020

519 Van Buren Avenue

Riechel & Bredhoff had two different stamps, one with a high, tight arch inside the outline and the other with a lower, gentler arch (like this one also from 1924).

1974 – C. Valenzuela

2 June 2020

501 E. 12th Street

I’ve walked over this mark many times, but it’s in front of a grocery and usually covered with boxes of vegetables.

1916 – Jepsen Bros.

31 May 2020

2357 Le Conte Avenue, Berkeley

This differs from my other example in that the date is “1916” rather than just “16”.

This whole property is lovely.

1938 – J. Bowen

12 May 2020

707 Alice Street

J. Bowen worked prolifically in North Oakland, mostly, leaving marks that were very rarely dated. I’ve found marks dated from 1935 to 1937, and this hand-drawn mark puts him firmly in 1938 as well.