1935 – Reichel & Bredhoff

15 November 2022

111 Requa Road, Piedmont

The Reichel & Bredhoff firm left dates from 1921 to 1951, but I’m still missing a half-dozen years. So it was a pleasure to spot this one recently.

1949 – Chas Somers & Sons

8 November 2022

425 28th Street

This is actually at the back side of the Humanist Hall property. The date is so faint, and the trash from the oak trees so thick, that I never saw it before.

1907 – Peterson & Adler

5 November 2022

1808 Fairview Street, Berkeley

1905 – C. B. Burnham

23 October 2022

3138 California Street, Berkeley

Lovely to collect more C. B. Burnham stamps.

1951 – Troy Wilson

4 October 2022

1417 Fairview Street, Berkeley

1920 – N. J. Lindstrom

25 September 2022

1418 Harmon Street and 3234 Baker Street, Berkeley

Nels J. Lindstrom used a variety of stamps in his long career: an oval mark in the early 1910s and a racetrack mark from 1922 to the 1940s. In between, he used straight text with various configurations. These two 1920 marks differ in the placement of the date, but the letters, including the tiny “S”, are the same.

1920 – Schnoor Bros.

20 September 2022

1314 Harmon Street, Berkeley

The early years of Schnoor Bros. are quite rare in Oakland, or at least they’re not marked.