Spring Construction Co.

19 March 2022

19th and West Streets

I think this may be the notorious people who made a mess of things in Berkeley.

1941 – Stone / Ferri

19 March 2022

479 McAuley Street

This collaboration between Joseph Stone and Nick Ferri is one of two on this block.

1928 – N. L. Monk

14 March 2022

5919 Dover Street

A rare Monk mark. Without my brush handy, it was hard to deal with the dirt at this lot under renovation. We’ll see if the driveway survives the upgrade.

Willie J. Frink

9 March 2022

1823 62nd Street, Berkeley

This is awesome: Frink (1930-2017) was the first Black millionaire contractor in Bakersfield, with quite a life story. An ambitious charter school there is named for him.

There must be a story behind this driveway in south Berkeley.

1951 – T. J. Garvey

8 March 2022

2498 Florence Street, Berkeley

Always nice to find a new date from TJ.

1930 – F. E. Nelson

4 March 2022

44 Moss Avenue

1922 – Schnoor Bros.

25 February 2022

1375 Rose Street, Berkeley

I’ve documented the Schnoor Bros. mark from 1922 before, but this one is really 22-y. In fact, even the “s” on “Bros.” looks like a 2. That’s been known to happen.