1924 – R. P. Smilie


3463 Coolidge Avenue

I’ve run into Smilie before as part of Smilie & McArthur.

Incidentally, Coolidge used to be called Peralta Street when this area was part of Brooklyn. When Oakland annexed it, the name had to change because there was already a Peralta Street in West Oakland.

One Response to “1924 – R. P. Smilie”

  1. Ken Says:

    This mark is – almost – gone. I stopped by this afternoon and I could just see a bit of the last “IE” but the rest has been covered with concrete at the base of the curb cut where the mark is located. As you know, many curb cuts have had concrete or asphalt added near the base to ease the approach angle for cars, and that’s left many marks only partially visible.

    I also went to look today for the other R.P. Smilie mark you’ve documented, on Laurel. Assuming that’s also located on the curb cut, it’s currently beneath a load of soil, as construction is going on there. Hopefully that one will survive and reappear.

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