1921 – F. A. Mero

1257 65th Street

Whereas my other example of F. A. Mero’s mark is straight text, this pair, in the same neighborhood, displays two different versions of arched text. I’m guessing that Mero struck one character at a time.

One Response to “1921 – F. A. Mero”

  1. Ken Says:

    I was looking at a couple of these just across the Berkeley border this morning and one of them clearly had a light semicircular arc visible just below the arched text, no doubt as a guide. It looks like there’s one in the second one of these two photos as well.

    There are a number of more F.A. Mero marks in West Berkeley with a more elaborately-made stamp that includes the business location of Richmond. Interesting that with all these variations of the F.A. Mero marks, every one that I’ve come across shows a year of 1921.

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