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1913 – Avelar & Co.

21 July 2014


2151 51st Avenue

1913 – J. Fugel

17 July 2014


Ygnacio Avenue and 48th Avenue

When this mark was made, 48th Avenue was called Whittier Avenue.

1913 – J. Ogden

24 December 2013


3911 San Juan Street

This pushes Ogden back another year.

1913 – Oak. Concrete T&M Co.

9 December 2013


3847 Rhoda Avenue

This ungainly mark was used from 1911 to 1933, at least. After a hundred years, this one’s looking pretty beat.

1913 – Avelar & Co.

11 July 2013


2929 Nicol Avenue

This is in front of an old Victorian, one of many overlooking the flat valley of Sausal Creek. The Roman numerals are an especially elegant touch.

1913 – W. N. Whitmore

4 July 2013


3008 Capp Street

A nice date from this classic Fruitvale sidewalk maker. It appears that the stamp has a comma after Whitmore’s name, which is unusual, but that’s what I see on every example.

1913 – Nelson

13 April 2013


2128 E. 19th Street

I presume this is the same Nelson who paved a lot of the neighborhood in 1912 with Johnson.