1913 – Lena & Helling Makers

2412 26th Avenue

Props to Ken Z. for spotting this excellent mark, one of a pair at this address.

2 Responses to “1913 – Lena & Helling Makers”

  1. Ken Says:

    Spotted another pair of these marks today on a walk in Alameda. Both are on a curb at 1567 Lincoln, with a year mark that appears to be 1921.

  2. Ken Says:

    Update from Alameda. Something didn’t seem right to me about my interpretation of 1921 for the Lena & Helling marks I’d seen along Lincoln Avenue so I went back this morning. It’s a pair of marks and the left-hand one looked clearer to me when I first spotted them but it appears that I misinterpreted the numerals. A closer look at the right-hand one (plus feeling the numeral area of that mark) revealed that they’re actually from 1914, which makes more sense. I also found a very nice 1915 Lena & Helling mark on the northwest side of Court Street between Central and Santa Clara in Alameda this morning.

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