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1936 – C. Fischer

27 March 2014


3922 Magee Avenue

C. Fischer (sometimes Fisher) used a proper stamp, at least in 1938, but the hand-drawn marks outnumber them so far.

1936 – A. Casqueiro

9 November 2013


1909 Wrenn Street

I have another mark from this year with only the top line.

1936 – J. C. Vieira

19 October 2013


1932 Crosby Avenue

There are three Vieiras on Oakland’s sidewalks. J. C. Vieira came before and after F. C. Vieira, and of the mysterious J. R. Vieira I have just one example with no date.

1936 – Frank Lopes

13 October 2013


4321 Bridgeview Drive

Frank Lopes did several bits of concrete around here.

1936 – A. A. Johnson

12 October 2013


1635 Leimert Boulevard

This is the first A. A. Johnson mark I’ve found. There are lots of A. A. Johnson & Son marks, all of which postdate this one. (I’m thinking that the one I called 1931 is really a 1936.) That hints at a story.

1936 – Aaron Dahlquist

6 October 2013


1772 Clemens Road

Every now and then Dahlquist would make the date with a nail or something.

1936 – Gus Johnson

28 September 2013


3468 Davis Street