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1936 – Poblitz

23 November 2014


2624 57th Avenue

Most of the Poblitz marks on this stub of a street are from 1935, but I guess he came back later to finish the last lot on the back corner.

1936 – Cal Cragun

2 November 2014


1699 70th Street

1936 – T. A. Rayn (Ryan)

11 October 2014


3215 Wyman Street

I’ve found another misspelled mark by T. A. Ryan, from 1931 when he used a different stamp. But even with this stamp, or stamp set, he evidently pressed the letters in one by one. Later on he used integral stamps so his dyslexia was no longer an issue.

1936 – M. Dias

4 September 2014


3208 Knowland Avenue

1936 – F. E. Flaherty

25 August 2014


861 70th Avenue

This big mark is made with a proper stamp, unlike my other example from this year.

1936 – A. Angelo

17 August 2014


4844 Allendale Avenue

1936 – Poblitz

12 May 2014


4206 Atlas Avenue

My other example from this year, Poblitz was careful to include his phone number, but this time he didn’t care.