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1931 – R. C. Malone

24 March 2014


3723 Loma Vista Avenue

Only the distinctive outline gives this mark away.

1931 – A. MacDonald

3 March 2014


3814 Midvale Avenue

I’ve documented this date from MacDonald before, but the date was at the bottom of the mark rather than the middle.

1931 – Pool

12 February 2014


3630 Patterson Avenue

Behold a mystery: This mark by one of the Pool family members is made with a stamp and not hand-drawn. I’m documenting this mark because my previous example, from not far away, is cracked. Looking at both, I see the same nicks that appear around the edges of the letters in the old P. Ryan mark, as if they were deployed like a branding iron.

1931 – Gus Johnson

11 February 2014


3666 Patterson Avenue

Some very nice Gus Johnson marks in this neighborhood.

1931 – Douglas & Wolfe

10 February 2014


3700 Kansas Street

The first Douglas & Wolfe mark I ever found was a 1931, but it was really decrepit. Not this baby.

1931 – Pool

26 December 2013


3826 San Juan Street

This is probably W. Pool, but for some reason he left off his initial. During this year he also made entirely different marks under the name W. B. Pool & Son.

1931 – M. Medis

4 October 2013


4048 Oakmore Road

Now I have a full set of marks for M. Medis from 1927 to 1940.