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1931 – Aaron Dahlquist

15 September 2014


3426 Peirson Avenue

This example of Aaron Dahlquist’s 1931 mark used large digits for the month and year.

Now I need to reinspect all of Oakland’s sidewalks to document these variants.

1931 – Aaron Dahlquist

14 September 2014


3433 Peirson Avenue

It turns out that Aaron Dahlquist had several variants of his mark. My previous example used small digits for the month and large digits for the year. This one is all small.

1931 – C. L. Rogers

3 August 2014


6122 Bromley Avenue

This replaces my previous example, which was pretty faint.

1931 – A. Soda

30 May 2014


5700 E. 17th Street

Soda’s home base was way over on the Berkeley line. Don’t see many of his marks in East Oakland.

1931 – J. B. Lee

18 May 2014


3717 Madrone Avenue

It seems that I’ve never recorded a hand-drawn J. B. Lee mark with a date. So now I have.

1931 – Hutchinson Co.

16 April 2014


Patterson Avenue at Harbor View Avenue

This abbreviated version of the Hutchinson Co. mark is new to me. It’s right across the street from the mark I showed yesterday. Not many companies did this; the only other one that comes to mind is A. Nilsson.

1931 – Hutchinson Co.

15 April 2014


4088 Patterson Avenue

This is several years after the other Hutchinson Co. marks I’ve seen, and a quite different configuration.