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1930 – Doyle & Sons

19 July 2014


2221 50th Avenue

Notice that the S’s are upside down, and also that the second character of “Sons” is a zero, not an oh.

1930 – Gus Johnson

14 April 2014


3604 Harbor View Avenue

As always, I record hand-drawn marks as well as stamped ones, even from the same year by the same maker.

1930 – Riechel & Bredhoff

9 March 2014


5247 Wentworth Avenue

Riechel & Bredhoff marks have two configurations. This is what I call the tight arch, in which the maker’s name curves right up against the racetrack outline. In the easy arch, the maker’s name makes a straighter arc. The tight arch appears throughout the range of dates I have, from 1921 to 1951. The easy arch appears in 1924, 1929 through 1933, and 1940 so far. I need to pay closer attention to these. This particular mark appears next door to an easy-arch mark from the same year, both of them from October.

1930 – M. Dias

8 March 2014


1502 52nd Avenue

1930 – N. Ferri

20 January 2014


3900 Aqua Vista Street

This property has two N. Ferri marks, both with “30” clearly scratched beneath the stamp. With this pristine example, I can finally say that the date in the stamp is 1927, not 1937. I’ll have to reconsider and revise my other examples.

1930 – W. B. Pool

8 January 2014


3227 38th Avenue

Thank goodness for the low January sun.

1930 – J. B. Lee

25 December 2013


3216 Dakota Street

J. B. Lee, the noted CEWENT CONTRACTOR, rarely dated his marks. This example, with a nicely stamped date way down below, is unique so far.