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1930 – Oak. Concrete T&M Co.

16 January 2015


Outlook Avenue at 72nd Avenue

1930 – Frank M. Brown

15 January 2015


3350 68th Avenue

This date is much older than previous Frank Brown marks, but the date is incontrovertible. This part of Millsmont has a bunch of Brown’s marks, so he may have had his address nearby.

1930 – Ed Doty

3 January 2015


Orral Street at 70th Avenue

I thought I’d seen all the variety to be found in Ed Doty’s marks, but here it looks like for a short time in 1930 he posted the month and day as well as the year.

1930 – H. Drath

10 December 2014


5912 Foothill Boulevard

Always glad to see an H. Drath mark. And so much of Foothill has been repaved.

1930 – Gus Johnson

16 August 2014


4740 Allendale Avenue

This block is crowded with Gus Johnson marks from 1930. The majority have the date inside the mark, but many of them have this format, which I think is unique to this year.

1930 – J. H. Green

15 August 2014


2715 Monticello Avenue

The date is too obscure to be photographed, but I confirmed it with my fingers.

1930 – S. Aiassa

14 August 2014


4500 Allendale Avenue

S. Aiassa marks are rare outside of North Oakland, but there are several on this block.