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1946 – Mary

12 March 2015


8722 MacArthur Boulevard

Marks of any kind are very scarce since they repaved the sidewalks in Eastmont and Castlemont.

1946 – Hennig

11 February 2015


3699 Mokelumne Avenue

Another hand-drawn mark from another late-career year of another sidewalk contractor.

1946 – Joe’s Traveling Market

26 August 2014


6616 Eastlawn Street

This mark is so huge that I couldn’t capture it all. (My ancient #1 camera can only shoot closeups now.) Even my other camera couldn’t get it all, but it caught most of it. Click to see a 1000-pixel version. There must be a story behind Joe’s Traveling Market.

1946 – L. B. Duffin

4 June 2014


1157 Seminary Avenue

An unusually strong example of Duffin’s mark.

1946 – Douglas & Wolfe

24 May 2014


4484 Tulip Avenue

This Douglas & Wolfe mark throws a spanner into my scenario, on which I expounded just yesterday, for the transition in R. G. Wolfe’s career in 1945. Here’s a perfectly standard mark dated 1946. It seems to mean that there were two copies of the stamp. But it might also mean that instead of removing “Douglas” from the stamp itself, Wolfe simply wiped out Douglas’s name from the wet concrete each time he did a job, and for some reason he didn’t do that here. (See my other 1946 Wolfe mark.) Never assume intelligence when you can explain the same thing through the effort to avoid expending energy.

I can say confidently that Wolfe had a new stamp in use by 1947.

1946 – C. Valenzuela

4 February 2014


2100 High Street

I confess, this made me catch my breath. Dates of this vintage for Valenzuela are quite rare, and the quality is excellent.

1946 – H. E. Jones

13 January 2014


3473 Loma Vista Avenue

I hope I find more marks by H. E. Jones; circles are pretty scarce items among Oakland’s formats.